The LA Times is reporting that the no-fly zones that have existed over Disney Parks are now facing greater scrutiny. While the zones that have existed since 2003, are claimed to be for the safety and security of guests, many believe they were created to prevent banners from being flown above the parks:

“Banner towers used to make money with their banner tows around Disneyland; now they’re not allowed to. … People can’t take aerial photography shots,” said Mark Skinner, owner of Anaheim Helicopters. But “you can fly [around] Knott’s Berry Farm, Six Flags, no big deal,” he said.

A Disney spokeswoman said the no-fly zones protected the public. “We believe the airspace restrictions over large gathering places like sports stadiums and our theme parks continue to make sense for enhancing public safety,” Cathi Killian said.

The report also indicates that according to the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Assn., nearly 100 aerial advertising firms went out of business after Congress codified the no-fly zones over the Disney parks and sporting events.