Club Penguin Hosts Pirate Party

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Avast! Pirates needed on Club Penguin island!  Captain Rockhopper, our favorite penguin pirate, arrived on his ship, the Migrator, with a big problem–there are swashbuckling pirate crabs all over! Not only have they done a lot of damage to the ship, they’ve stolen all his rare items and buried the loot all over the island. During the Pirate Party, players will battle pirate crabs, become better pirates, and get all the loot back! Everyone can find special items like Golden Pirate Hat and The Deserted Island Slingshot. Members can even get special swords (like the Stinky Cheese Sword!) to have duels and battle the boss crab! ARRR! Battle the crabs and get the treasure during the Pirate Party on Club Penguin through Dec. 3.