Bloomberg is reporting that Disney Stores are outpacing the general retail industry, thanks in part to Frozen. In an interview, Disney Consumer Products head Bob Chapek said, ““It seems that everything quite honestly is on fire. Whether you’re talking ‘Frozen,’ whether you’re talking Marvel, whether you’re talking any of the Disney Channel properties, everything is doing very, very well.”

While the  National Retail Federation is reporting that sales fell 11 percent over the Thanksgiving weekend, Chapek credits the store’s focus on franchises as the reason they are bucking the general trend. “That’s the way the consumer shops,” Chapek said. “They don’t go looking for bedsheets. They go looking for something that’s ‘Frozen’ and then find bedsheets.”

Bob Chapek refused to give numbers on how the stores are performing this holiday season, but he did indicate that they have continued the trends that resulted in a 22 percent increase in the prior fiscal year.



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