Bob Sanders, President of ‎Orange County Musicians’ Association, Local 7, AFM, posted the following on his Facebook page regarding the changes coming to the Disneyland Band on July 17:


The Disneyland Resort issued an “end of run” notice to the Disneyland Band on March 31, 2015 at a meeting around 4:30 pm; it read:

“The Disneyland Band current creative offering and configuration is approaching the end of its run.

“The last day of performance will be July 16th, 2015. As required by our Collective Bargaining Agreement, this memorandum shall serve as notice to each member of the cast.

“On behalf of the Disneyland Resort we thank you for your many fine performances, your continued support and professionalism.”

At that meeting, musicians were told that band will be re-auditioned with the same instrumentation plus two musicians. There is to be new music and the job will be more “acting intensive.” Veteran band members will continue full-time employment in smaller bands; formerly “break-out” groups from the larger ensemble for an indeterminate period of time, or they will be given the option to audition for this new iteration of their old job. This of course raises many questions, the answers to which are evolving.

The current Band’s last performance will be the day before Disneyland’s 60th anniversary; the Band will have been in continuous service for all of those years; it is, as the Disney Parks Blog points out, “iconic.” Musicians have been performing in it for 10, 20, up to 42 years. It is a first rate, finely honed, professional ensemble; its members have been providing exemplary service both the Park and the community for decades. Happy anniversary to all.


Previously, on the Disney Parks Blog, it was announced that changes and enhancments were coming to the musical offerings at Disneyland on July 17, the park’s 60th anniversary