Walt Disney World Reorganizes Operations


Today, Walt Disney World President George Kalogridis announced a major reorganization to Walt Disney World operations. In addition to adding more duty managers to provide operational support for day-of issues, operations will move from being department based to a “land” based organizational structure.

For example, the Magic Kingdom currently has a General Manager for different parts of the operation (attractions, merchandise, food and beverage, etc.). Now the General Manager will be in charge of an area (e.g. Tomorrowland). Proprietors would manage each part of the operation within that area. Front line managers would report to the proprietor.

While details of the new structure and the impact to the organization are still coming out, it shows an effort to move from a line of business mindset to an operational area structure.

No layoffs are expected due to this reorganization.

We will have more details on what this means for Walt Disney World as they emerge.