Update 5: None of the 8 injured Cast Members were seriously injured.

Update 4: 16 Disney Cast Members were aboard the bus and 8 were taken injured to Celebration Health. The two adults in the SUV were air lifted to Orlando Regional Medical Center and the child was taken there by ambulance.

Update 3: The bus was operated by Super Transportation of Florida LLC. The company operates the buses that carry Disney College Program participants though we haven’t been able to verify College Program Cast Members were on the bus or among those injured.

Update 2: This 7 year old Orlando Sentinel article has some interesting information on the apparent driver:

The fuss started when Hester’s 29-year-old daughter called boo-hooing to her father on her cell phone after police in Groveland — the town her father manages — gave her a traffic ticket.

Why a grown woman would feel the need to dial Daddy under the circumstances, placing him in a sticky political position, is a mystery. Why Hester didn’t tell her to put on her big-girl pants and handle it herself is a second excellent question.

Either way, Hester now is in the position of looking as if he’s defending Daddy’s girl to the big bad policemen.

Megan Lynne Hester-Villalobos rolled through a red light when turning right on State Road 50 from State Road 33, and then sped up to 63 mph in a 40-mph zone, according to a report by police Sgt. Landis Delp, who made the stop.

Hester-Villalobos was in her father’s silver Isuzu sport utility vehicle. She got a $151 ticket but just a warning for the transgression at the light.

Update 1: WTFV.com has additional details on the incident:

Megan Hester-Villalobos was driving southbound in the northbound lane of Sherberth Road about 6 p.m. when she collided with a bus heading the opposite direction.

Both the bus and the 36-year-old’s Isuzu sport utility vehicle burst into flames, highway-patrol Sgt. Kim Montes said.

Hester-Villalobos, Jessee Villalobos, 37, and a child, all from Groveland, in the SUV were also hospitalized in serious condition, Montes said.

Troopers say charges are pending against Hester-Villalobos.

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting a head-on crash between and an SUV and a bus on Sherbeth Road near Animal Kingdom has resulted in 11 people being taken to the hospital. There is no word on the severity of their injuries. The video below was taken by a passerby and posted on YouTube:

The video shows people leaving the area. Several of them are dressed in Disney costumes.