Today Disney Interactive announced that a new character has joined the ranked of Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2. To celebrate the 75th anniversary of Captain America, players can earn Jeremiah Rogers — known as Captain America 1901.


Jeremiah Rogers is America’s first defender of freedom from an alternate timeline who rode with Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders during the Spanish-American War.  Armed with his iconic, extending shield, and Iso-8 powered armor he has become a symbol of American freedom, capable of safeguarding those who fight by his side.

Ever the resourceful type, Captain America (1901), makes the most of his Iso-8 powered armor and mechanical shield. Captain America (1901) can vent a Healing mist on his allies or channel built-up steam into a pressure-powered punch while his shield can extend to cover allies or pop open to launch projectiles that opponents can’t counter.

Along with a new, and completely original, Captain America this latest update also brings system improvements, new characters, and the introduction of AutoPlay:

  • Captain America 75thAnniversary Event— Players complete special tasks to earn the never-before-seen Captain America (1901)
  • AutoPlay is here— Players can turn Heroes loose and take on a high-level tactical role
  • PVP Tournament 7— Climb the ranks to add the volatile Deathlok