We knew something like this was in the works but now we have a few more details on how the Disneyland Resort will expand its parking capacity and other logistics as the park prepares for Star Wars Land addition in the coming years. As The Orange County Register reports, Disney has filed documents that show their intent to build a new seven-level, 6,800 parking spot garage along Disney Way. Additionally the current transportation hub located just outside the main esplanade will be relocated to a site on Manchester Avenue. Of course guests will then still need to be able to get over to the park entrances, hence a new pedestrian bridge that will be built over Harbor Boulevard. To make way for the new bridge, the Carousel Inn and Suites will close as early as October.

Disney intends to create a new transportation hub, parking structure and a pedestrian bridge over Harbor Boulevard connecting them with Disneyland and Disney California Adventure ahead of the opening of ÒStar WarsÓ land in its signature theme park. Above, a view from the south end of the parking structure off of Disney Way. (Rendering courtesy of the Disneyland Resort)

This project is being referred to as the Eastern Gateway and is part of the investment the resort promised to the city of Anaheim in exchange for an extension of a gate tax exemption. Disney spokesperson Suzi Brown told the Register, “The Eastern Gateway is part of our substantial investment in Anaheim, which will provide additional guest parking and help to alleviate congestion in the Resort District as we continue to expand the Disneyland Resort.”

These additions are slated to be completed in 2018. However, they must first be approved by the city.