Maker Studios Relaunches Their Gaming Brand Polaris

The Disney-owned Maker Studios recently refreshed their gaming entertainment channel, Polaris by Maker, to expand their offerings as gaming culture continues to grow in popularity.  Moving beyond esports, news and reviews, the channel features new programming that remains true to its gaming roots and hard core fans while also appealing to a broader entertainment audience.

Featuring a broad range of original formats, including talk shows, animation and games-to-life content, Polaris by Maker offers an inclusive approach to gaming entertainment.  It is available on their YouTube channel as well as Playstation Vue, an internet-based live TV service, and Sling.

Bad Box Art

Available now

An improv game show where gaming experts and comedians try to piece together the plot of an obscure game based solely on its box art, working together to create predictions of key components: the plot, characters, gameplay, merchandise, and theme song. After making their predictions, they play the game and get to see just how different their version of the game was.

Can I Crush It?

Available now on Playstation Vue and Sling; available on Kali Muscle’s YouTube page on 11/18

Kali Muscle, known for his buff physique and superhuman strength in the weight room, puts his very, very large muscles to the test and gets out some aggression – taking suggestions from fans on what he can and cannot crush.

The Remember Hour

Available 11/23 on Playstation Vue and Sling and Polaris By Maker YouTube channel on 12/7

In a post-apocalyptic society, someone needs to step up to the plate to educate society. Creator Chad Quandt brings audiences a dystopian puppet show where characters Rash and Skid share their (often incorrect) knowledge of the past with fans.