Osceola County Tax Hike Affects All-Star Resort Room Prices

Starting on the first of next year, the combined state and local sales tax rate in Osceola County will be raised to 7.5% from 7%. This will affect room prices at Disney’s All-Star Resorts as the hotels fall into that county. However theme park and water park tickets purchased at All-Star Resorts will still be assessed at the Orange County rate of 6.5%. While not explicitly mentioned by Disney, this will likely also affect merchandise prices at All-Star and at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, which is partially in Osceola.

Rooms booked at the All-Star Resorts after November 23rd, 2016 have already been adjusted for the new rate. Unfortunately, guests who booked prior to that date will need to pay the extra tax when checking in for their reservations in the new year.