TechCrunch is not only reporting that Disney has quietly acquired the tech and assets for MakieLab — a company specializing in 3D-printed custom dolls — but also that they actually did so as early as July of last year. In a post on the company’s Facebook page, they discuss that the company has shut down, but mention that their platform has been acquired by a “fantastic US media behemoth” they can’t mention due to a non-discloure agreement. Tellingly, they also make a Star Wars reference, writing, “thank you, new owner, you are our only hope!”

MakieLab was founded in the United Kingdom in 2012, but partially moved to the U.S. after being accepted into TechStars’ Disney Accelerator program. Disney has been mum on the buy, and TechCrunch was unable to obtain details on the deal.


MakieLab website, where users could create custom, 3D-printed dolls



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