Backside of Cars Land

Backside of Cars Land

As part of the 1996 agreement between the Disneyland Resort and the City of Anaheim that resulted in the expansion of the Disneyland Resort, the Anaheim City Council reviews whether Disneyland is meeting the terms of the agreement on the annual basis. This year, upon the review, the point was brought up that the backside of Cars Land is an eyesore for the soon-to-be expanded Anaheim Convention Center. While city staff confirmed that Disneyland was under no obligation to mitigate the industrial look of any attraction building, Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait said that perhaps the city could just make a request.

Apparently, Disneyland decided to be a good neighbor and has begun doing some light themeing on the backside of Cars Land that faces the Convention Center. This look is similar to what was done on the part of the Indiana Jones show building that faces the Grand Californian hotel before the trees grew to mask the building from the luxury resort.

Cars Land opened in 2012 in an area of the resort that formally was the Timon parking lot.

UPDATE: It appears that the themeing that is on the backside of Cars Land has been in place for sometime. While the City Council has made a request for further mitigation, Disneyland has not made any changes at this time.



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