Ever since the election of President Donald J. Trump in November of last year, there have been a lot of questions and controversy surrounding Walt Disney World’s Hall of Presidents attraction. More specifically, many have wondered if our 45th President would be given a speaking part in the show given the recent political climate. Now Orlando’s MyNews13 reports confirmation from Disney that our current Commander in Chief will have a speaking role in the attraction.

Jacquee Wahler, vice president of communications, told MyNews13, “The same thing that we’ve done with other presidents, is the same plan we have for President Trump.” Although that doesn’t explicitly confirm the question at hand, the site later clarified that Wahler did say President Trump would have a speaking role.

However, it will be a while longer before guests get to see the new show and the latest Audio-Animatronic leader. Walt Disney World has now delayed the attractions reopening. Originally a refurbishment was scheduled to end on June 29th. However, Disney now tells MyNews13 is scheduled to return in “late 2017.”



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