Disneyland has released the first images of the new path of the Disneyland Railroad as well as the new banks of the Rivers of America. The rivercraft and the Disneyland Railroad officially reopen on July 29.

The attractions were both closed for over a year to make adjustments to accommodate the construction of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

The new Columbia Gorge section is highlighted by five new picturesque waterfalls. Landscapes inspired by four of America’s majestic rivers – the Mississippi, the Columbia, the Missouri and the Rio Grande have been carefully recreated, complete with indigenous rock formations, natural forests and wildlife, and the waterfalls.

As they ride the railroad, guests will hear singing birds, eagle cries, the whinny of an Indian Chief’s horse, a Riverboat captain’s voice, an emotional score and more.

Kim Irvine, art director for the Rivers of America project, envisioned what it will be like for guests: “It’s hard to believe that right here, smack dab in the middle of bustling freeways and high-rises, you can enjoy a relaxing ride on an open-air train car and sail on a ship or canoe down a rolling river, surrounded by towering pine and oak trees with sightings of deer, elk, moose and beautiful waterfalls.”

Both the Grand Canyon and Primeval World dioramas have been refreshed and updated with some new magic. Updated for the first time since opening in 1958, the Grand Canyon section creates a dramatic experience with refurbished flora and fauna, some fun surprises and the orchestral Grand Canyon Suite by Ferde Grofé. In the Primeval World, newly painted sets, dinosaurs and creatures blend with new effects and lighting.