To say that there have been a few rumors about a Hocus Pocus sequel swirling in recent years would be like saying that Disneyland is just a mildly amusing place on Earth. Well, at long last, we seem to have some officially official confirmation that something is happening with the franchise. After Mick Garris, writer of the original film, let slip that a sequel was moving forward for television, Oh My Disney has confirmed that a “new iteration of Hocus Pocus” is being developed as a Disney Channel Original Movie. This might be somewhat surprising to fans of the original, which had some questionable language and themes (yabbos, anyone?). Anyway, the new film is being written by Scarlett Lacey (The Royals) and will once again be executive produced by David Kirschner. It’s also unclear whether this is the project Garris was referring to and/or whether some other extensions of the Hocus Pocus brand might be in the works as well.

So are you excited for the Sandersons’ return?