According to an article from Variety, Disney and their sponsors are taking another approach to advertising at their live shows. Before the Disney Junior Dance Party on Tour begins, a pre-show will teach children dance moves to use during the performance followed by an message to children and parents encouraging them to take a potty break before the fun beings. The potty break message comes from show sponsor Kimberly Clark maker of Huggies (diapers) and Pull-Ups (training pants).

From Variety:

“There aren’t a ton of opportunities to reach them,” says Julie Kluka, brand manager for Pull-Ups, speaking about parents of active kids. “We have a strong belief that the audience for this event is going to include parents with children who are likely going to be thinking about potty training – or potty training at some point. The Pull-Ups should be relevant to them.”

The article also mentions that this is a new form of experimental marketing and that “live events help consumers “experience the brand first hand, and not through a screen,” says Jerry Daniello, senior vice president of integrated marketing for Disney|ABC Television Group.”

Kimberly Clark has a licensing deal with Disney and uses their characters on their training pants. Disney Junior Dance Party on Tour has begun it’s 60 city run and will continue through the spring. It will also resume in September with an additional 59 dates scheduled.




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