Fans of the popular Grad Nite events hosted at the Disney parks on both coasts (at one time or another) just might get to relive their favorite memories via a movie. While not much information is available at this time, director, comedian, and actor, David Wain recently shared the news with Penn Jillette when he was a guest on the magician’s podcast. He told Jillette, “Somebody sent me a thing — Disney wants to do a thing where kids are stuck in Disney World on grad school night, and it’s like a teen [movie].” Slash Film notes that if Disney does have a Grad Night movie in the works, it could possibly find a home on Disney’s new streaming service which is set to launch in 2019. Grad Nites at the Disney parks allow high school seniors to “take over” the park and hang out into the early morning hours in a fun and safe environment—without constant adult supervision. It’s the ultimate celebration after completing twelve vicious years of schooling. Would it make for a compelling story? Possibly. We’ll just have to wait and see.



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