As the trial for Noor Salman — widow of gunman Omar Mateen — transitions to closing arguments, prosecutors have again brought evidence that the original target was not the Pulse nightclub, but rather Walt Disney World’s Disney Springs. NBC News reports that during the trial, video evidence was presented that shows Mateen near the House of Blues when he looks behind him and sees a cop. Attorneys say he chose another target after being spooked by the police presence. Although it had previously been confirmed that Disney Springs was a potential target, the trial seemingly implies that Mateen was closer to executing this plan than originally thought. His plan reportedly included hiding a gun in a stroller, with him even purchasing a stroller and doll on June 11.

Salman claimed that she didn’t know her husband was going to Pulse, NBC reports. “She thought he was at Disney World. They two had visited Disney in the days before the attack, according to one of her statements to federal authorities.” Salman is charged with obstruction and providing material support to a terrorist organization.