With entertainment evolving rapidly and shaping the way audiences consume news, television, shows, and even print media how does Disney stay relevant? Earlier this week, chairman and CEO Bob Iger joined David Solomon for Talks at GS (Goldman Sachs) to discuss the constant changing entertainment industry. Iger shares his educational background and work experiences that led to the position he holds today at The Walt Disney Company. Disney being founded in 1923 brought much of its past with it and Iger observed an “abnormal adherence to its heritage, its legacy, its past.” He knew that in order for the company to remain relevant and move forward, that some changes would have to take place. He also stresses the importance of embracing company values and presenting them in a way that’s relevant to it’s current audience, saying “I started looking at a way to balance heritage with innovation. We needed to respect our past…but not revere it.” Iger went on to explain that the goal was to stick to the core values that Disney was built on and not shift away from them, noting “A lot of brands miss that, because they believe in order to be relevant that’s what you need to do. It’s typically not about that. It’s how you present those values to the world.” In the full 20-plus minute interview — which you can watch below — Iger also discuses the acquisitions of Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm that he helped bring to fruition.

After extending his contract numerous times, Iger is now set to stay on with The Walt Disney Company until 2021.



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