Fox Searchlight, the acclaimed studio behind numerous independent releases and prestige pictures, has just announced that it will be launching a television division.

  • In addition to potentially adapting some the studio’s films for television productions, Fox Searchlight Television will also create original scripted series and documentaries.
  • Searchlight execs David Greenbaum and Matthew Greenfield have been promoted to Presidents of Production for Film and Television, overseeing Searchlight Television as well as the movie side.
  • The duo said in a statement, “Searchlight has always been dedicated to bringing the unique stories of passionate creators to audiences worldwide. This evolution allows us to expand upon that mission, and provides our talent new opportunities to tell their stories in the widest variety of creative outlets, all the while maintaining the safe haven and dedicated creative approach that is Searchlight’s hallmark.”

The Disney Connection: As Disney looks to acquire assets from 21st Century Fox, Searchlight has repeatedly been cited as a Fox-owned business that fills a need at The Walt Disney Company.

  • Speaking at this year’s shareholders meeting, Disney CEO Bob Iger said of Fox Searchlight, “We have every intention once the acquisition is approved to maintain the business of Fox Searchlight. We think they’re in the business of making high quality films.”
  • Fox Searchlight was nominated for 20 Academy Awards this year, taking home to top prize for their film The Shape of Water.
  • Disney sold its former prestige label, Miramax, in 2010.

Also of note:

  • Should the deal with Fox close, Disney would have a controlling stake of streaming service Hulu.
  • Iger has suggested the platform would host more adult content while the Disney-branded streaming service remains family friendly.
  • It’s easy to imagine that Searchlight Television could prove to be a big player in when it comes to creating content for a potential “new Hulu” in the coming years.


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