Disneyland Paris is unveiling a new online platform for startups called The Castle Hub and introduced the site with one wild elevator pitch.

  • The Castle Hub is an online platform through which start-ups can collaborate with the Disneyland Resort Paris in order to create exceptional experiences for guests.
  • To start things off, the resort invited eight startups to give their elevator pitches… while riding The Tower of Terror.
  • Each startup had three minutes to share their idea while jolting up and down on the attraction, with the winners earning the opportunity to see their idea implemented at the resort. Take a look:

The Winners

Two startups were selected as the winners of the Tower of Terror elevator pitch contest. They were:

  • Design Aglaé: The firm took the 1st prize with its unique magic serum, which creates a luminescent plant experience.
  • Wakatoon: They were awarded the judges’ choice for their coloring books which turn into personalized cartoons.

What they’re saying:

  • Anais Richardin, Editor in Chief of French start-up magazine Madyness:  “It’s tough to reinvent the elevator pitch, but doing so with a Disney touch seemed promising. With quality sourcing and entrepreneurs who pitched while battling gravity and strong winds, this first edition helped us to discover some great start-ups that we will be following closely, as well as proving Disney’s appetite for innovation.”
  • Julien Kauffmann, Vice President of Transformation at Disneyland Paris, on The Castle Hub: “The Castle Hub is intended to support innovation and the growth of European start-ups – particularly in France. It is part of our responsibility as the industry leader to find young companies and help them to develop.”

More about The Castle Hub:

  • The launch of The Castle Hub is a new step in the resort’s ambition for excellence in the guest experience.
  • This brand new platform will be a way for Disneyland Paris teams to discover start-ups who share some of the company’s key goals.
  • From data processing to robotics, including marketing and entertainment, registration is free and easy for all start-ups on this new tool.
  • For information can be found at TheCastleHub.com