Disneyland Paris has announced the showtimes for their opening week of their Marvel Summer of Super Heroes event at the Walt Disney Studios park. The event will be held from June 10th through September 30, 2018.

Marvel: Super Heroes United (Studio Theater, Production Courtyard):

Immerse in the origins of greatness with this never-seen-before show super-charged with live Characters and ground-smashing, heroic special effects. Feel your Spider-Sense tingle as Marvel legends Iron Man and Captain America battle each other before uniting with Spider-Man and Black Widow to bring down the baddest supervillain of them all, Thanos. With thrilling flashbacks showing how each hero discovered their powers, this is an experience you don’t want to miss.

  • Sunday: 3:45, 5:50, 6:55pm
  • Weekdays: 2:45, 4:50, 5:55pm

Star Expo Presents: Energy for Tomorrow (Production Courtyard):

Swoop into the middle of the mayhem with this electrifying extravaganza buzzing with live Marvel Super Heroes. Gaze in awe as The Avengers, including Thor and Black Widow, fight a colossal clash with Asgard’s evil second prince, Loki.

  • Sunday:
    • French: 2:25, 4:15, 6:40pm
    • English: 3:05, 4:55, 7:45pm
  • Weekdays:
    • French: 1:25, 3:15, 5:40pm
    • English: 2:05, 3:55, 6:45pm

Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Dance-Off (Production Courtyard):

Do you have the dance power to help the Guardians of the Galaxy evade the clutches of an evil enemy? Meet up with Star-Lord and Gamora, then spin, shake, step and slide onto the dance floor, where you can strut your stuff to some classic 70s and 80s bangers blasting out of Peter Quill’s beloved boom box.

  • Sunday: 1:15, 2:05, 4:30, 5:25, 6:15, 7:20pm
  • Weekdays: 12:15, 1:05, 3:30, 4:25, 5:15, 6:20pm

In addition, the event features face painting and meet-and-greets with Captain America. Guests can reserve their place in line at “Heroic Encounter: Captain AmerIca” through a new app.