Earlier this week, Florida resident, Susan Grill filed a lawsuit suing Disney for discrimination and retaliation against her and her service dogs. As Orlando Sentinel reports, Grill claims she was harassed by Disney security during a visit to Disney Springs.

What we know:

  • Susan Grill is suing Disney for discrimination during a visit to the Disney Springs in February 2017. Grill was apparently training her 3 poodles to be service animals and wanted to introduce the dogs to crowds.
  • According to her lawsuit, two Disney security guards approached her and said she could not train her dogs on Disney property.
  • Grill says she uses service dogs to aid with the migraines and epilepsy from which she suffers.
  • The poodles are often seen sporting brightly colored attire and sometimes even colored hair.
  • According to her lawsuit, she is seeking:
    • Compensatory damages
    • Attorney’s fees
    • An order to protect her on future trips to Disney
  • Walt Disney World’s service animal policy: “At Walt Disney World theme parks and Resort hotels, a service animal is defined as any dog or miniature horse trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability.”

What they’re saying:

  • Disney Spokesperson: “This person’s complaints were already reviewed by the Florida Commission on Human Rights, which found that no unlawful practice occurred.”
  • Grill’s Lawsuit:
    • In regards to the dogs: “All three were well-behaved and were wearing clearly labeled gear identifying them as ‘service dogs.”
    • Events that transpired: “Two Disney security guards stopped her and told her she could not train her dogs on Disney property. An Orange County deputy sheriff who also approached her demanded to see the dogs’ certification papers and said the poodles were ‘fake.’”
    • On the confrontation: “Disney security told Grill she couldn’t leave until their case was closed — which made her feel intimidated. A Disney Springs manager allowed Grill to stay but warned she was forbidden from returning with the dogs. Grill tried to argue, and the manager told her to leave immediately.”
  • Grill’s attorney, Daniel Saxe commented on the incident saying her experience was, “troubling and puzzling. There’s simply no reason for this.”


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