Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World welcomed a new baby mandrill to its family of animals yesterday.

  • As the Disney Parks Blog reveals, the baby mandrill was born August 8th to mother Scarlett and father Winston.
  • These three mandrills are some of the animals guests aboard the Kilimanjaro Safari can see for themselves.
  • Baby mandrill’s weight and gender are not yet known nor does the little one have a name just yet.
  • The Parks Blog notes that mandrills are a vulnerable species found in African rainforests along the equator, where their habitat is disappearing because of deforestation and poaching.
  • Disney has supported the conversation of mandrills and other primates through the Disney Conservation Fund, which has provided more than $6.5 million to the cause.

What They’re Saying

  • Rebecca Phillips, Animal Operations manager at Disney’s Animal Kingdom: “There are many reasons why I’m excited to be an SSP (Species Survival Plan) coordinator for mandrills. I love helping zoos, including our own, and I love the success stories. As a two-time mom and also a surrogate mother, Scarlett is an example of how we’re helping a vulnerable species thrive, and it’s thrilling to watch her family grow.”
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