An industrial accident on Walt Disney World property early Wednesday morning has left one man dead.

photo: WFTV 9 ABC

  • ABC affiliate WFTV Channel 9 news is currently reporting on the story.
  • Deputies said two men were emptying oil and grease byproduct out of a semi truck into a vat at a Reedy Creek facility near Property Control and Cast Connection by Disney’s Animal Kingdom.
  • According to deputies report, a 61 year old man was standing on a grate when he slipped and fell into the vat.
  • The other man tried to help the victim out of the vat, but was not able to assist.
  • The fumes from the byproducts were overwhelming for the victim causing him to fall further into the vat.
  • Reedy Creek Fire Department helped with the retrieval of the victim.
  • No names have been released at this time.
  • According to the Orlando Sentinel‘s report: “A Disney spokeswoman said the man was not employed by the company.”