In light of the Pennsylvania grand jury report citing complaints of sexual abuse, naming over 300 priests of the Catholic Church, another piece of information was also presented. After known complaints regarding his behavior had been expressed, Father Edward George Ganster was still given a positive recommendation by the Catholic Diocese when he applied for a job at Walt Disney World.

What’s happening:

  • Several news sources reporting on the Pennsylvania case have also noted that the Diocese gave a recommendation for Ganster when he applied for a job at Walt Disney World, even though complaints of his behavior had been brought to the church.
  • Ganster left the church in 1990, saying that he wanted to get married. That same year, he also requested a recommendation as he sought employment with Disney. The Miami Herald quotes the the grand jury report which reads: “Despite knowing Ganster was a sexual predator, Monsignor Anthony Muntone wrote back to Ganster, ‘I am quite sure that the Diocese will be able to give you a positive reference in regard to the work you did during your years of service here as a priest.’”
  • Ganster was ultimately hired by Disney and drove trains at Magic Kingdom for 15 years according to his obituary in the Orlando Sentinel. He passed away in July of 2014.


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