Zen Studios has announced that three Solo inspired Pinball FX3 tables will be released September 12, 2018. Here are the details of the three tables:

Star Wars Pinball: Solo

  • Experience Han’s first meetings with Chewbacca, Beckett, and Lando Calrissian, and take part in epic film moments with the breakneck pace only Star Wars Pinball can deliver.
  • For the first time ever in a video game, pilot the Millennium Falcon to make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs
  • Play your role in the grand heist on the Conveyex train on Vandor.
  • Encounter the “beast” in the Imperial detention pit under the bumpers, where Solo meets a tall and mucky “monster”
  • Steal an AT-Hauler.
  • Use the unique and rotatable L3-37 ramp to lock balls in the ship
  • Zoom through the streets of Corellia in a speeder chase, and join the Empire as a freshly recruited trooper

Star Wars Pinball: Calrissian Chronicles: 

  • Lando invites you to join him on the adventures of his life, from sabacc-playing swindler to Sarlacc-escaping Rebel hero.
  • Play through iconic Lando movie scenes from Solo: A Star Wars Story, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi
  • As seen on Star Wars Rebels, join the crew of the Ghost in obtaining a Puffer Pig
  • From the pages of Marvel’s Star Wars Lando comic book, join Lobot on a heist
  • Beat Han Solo at sabacc …and escape the Sarlacc with his help.
  • Destroy TIE fighters in the Millennium Falcon
  • Battle against more than 15 of Lando’s enemies appearing on the table as popup targets, such as Boba Fett, Gamorrean guards and Darth Vader

Star Wars Pinball: Battle of Mimban War:

  • Take command of the Imperial forces and conquer Mimban. Lead attacks against the hostile natives and use anything at your disposal to march your troops to victory.
  • Order attacks to defend your territory, and train troops
  • Feed the Wookiee in the pit with Imperial deserters •
  • Infiltrate enemy territory and unleash a decisive blow on enemy troops on an actionpacked mini-playfield
  • Request devastating AT-DT attacks and activate defense turrets to win battles
  • Claim hostile sectors as your own or stand your ground defending your base in an intense all-out war
  • Collect the muddiest of jackpots during the Mudball Multiball, or break in new recruits in the Training Multiball


  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One
  • Windows 10
  • Steam
  • Android
  • iOS

Rating: E10+