Last week, an incident at a Disneyland Paris pool resulted in 22 guests and workers being treated.

  • As The Telegraph reports, on Friday, August 17th, a pool at the resort’s Hotel New York began emitting chlorine fumes after bleach and sulphuric acid were accidentally mixed.
  • These toxic fumes resulted in 22 people being treated for nausea and/or respiratory problems.
  • One guest and three workers were also treated at a hospital, but have since been released.
  • In addition to evacuating the pool itself, firefighters also evacuated nearby guests rooms. Guests were later permitted to return, although the hotel also accommodated requests to relocate to other parts of the hotel.
  • The pool in question was drained after the incident and was closed as of Monday.
  • Disney’s Hotel New York is the second closest to the resort’s two theme parks and will be undergoing a transformation to become the Disney’s Hotel New York — The Art of Marvel.