Today Disney Parks, Experiences, and Consumer Products (DPECP) and Osmo announced the launch of the new Osmo Super Studio featuring Mickey Mouse’s first reflective animation experience. Using Osmo’s innovative system, kids can physically draw Mickey and pals, and watch then come to life on screen via Osmo’s Reflective AI.



What’s happening:

  • Today, Osmo, the award-winning system that sparked a new category of seamless digital and hands-on play for the iPad, teams up with Disney to bring those drawings to life in stories with Osmo Super Studio featuring Disney’s Mickey Mouse & Friends.
  • Drawing is a critical childhood activity linked to social and emotional development, according to research from the National Endowment for Arts. It’s also a way to ignite the imagination and create new worlds with beloved friends. Now, Osmo is collaborating with Disney to bring Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald, Daisy and all their pals to life in a magical new way.

Iconic Disney Characters Come to Life:

  • Kids guide the story in Osmo Super Studio by supplying Mickey Mouse and Friends with real world drawings that are “pulled” into the story’s digital world and by answering yes or no questions. It boosts kids’ creativity as they help to shape the storyline with whatever they imagine belongs in the tale.
  • As the story progresses, characters ask for tools, toys, scenery and snacks to bring into their world. When kids are asked to draw Daisy they have the freedom to draw her as they see her – or how they’d like to see her – with a bow or an astronaut helmet – the only limit is a child’s imagination. See Mickey Mouse and the gang come to life here!

Draw ‘Em How You See ‘Em:

  • Osmo’s proprietary Reflective AI technology, that allows the iPad’s camera to “see” physical objects in front of it, is at the heart of the world’s first Reflective Animation experience that gives kids a blank canvas to express themselves through story and by drawing their favorite Disney characters how they see them: any color, any size, any shape.
  • Osmo Super Studio combines the fun of Disney characters and storytelling with the power of art and self-expression so kids can bring Mickey Mouse to life as they see him in their imaginations.
  • Osmo Super Studio is suggested for kids ages 5 and up and is available as an add-on to existing Osmo sets for $19.
  • Those new to Osmo can buy the Super Studio Kit that includes an Osmo iPad Base for $49.
  • Get your copy of Osmo Super Studio today at and, as well as Target and Best Buy.
  • Super Studio is the eleventh innovative experience to come to Osmo’s universe. Recently named one of the most innovative companies in 2017 by Fast Company and Osmo is now going beyond the iPad with the Osmo iPhone Base.

What’ they’re saying:

  • Pramod Sharma, CEO and co-founder of Osmo: “The power of computer vision and AI can bring a child’s imagination to life in new and innovative ways. This first-of-its-kind Reflective Animation experience bridges the world populated by the characters beloved by children of all ages with the creativity and artistic expression.”

About Osmo: 

  • Osmo is building a universe of hands-on play experiences that nourish the minds of children by unleashing the power of imagination in the digital world through augmented reality and artificial intelligence.
  • Founded in 2013 by ex-Google engineers Pramod Sharma and Jerome Scholler, the company’s New Play Movement fuses digital gameplay and physical interaction to create fun and nutritious play experiences designed for both boys and girls. Its universe spans nine titles, including Coding Awbie, Monster and Masterpiece, which respectively teach computer science, creativity and drawing.
  • Osmo has created first of its kind experiences and received numerous awards and accolades, including Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in Education 2017, Time Magazine’s Best Inventions 2014 and Parent’s Choice Magazine’s Gold Award, 2016.