Disney Cruise Line’s New Vessels Will Call Port Canaveral Home

Following previous announcements that the Disney Cruise Line would be expanding their fleet with an additional three ships, two of the vessels will be calling Port Canaveral home.

Disney Cruise Line New Ship Concept Art

What’s happening:

  • Disney Cruise Line is expanding its fleet of ships. While names have not been release at this time, three cruise ships will debut from 2021 to 2023.
  • Earlier this year, Port Canaveral announced they were conducting a study on how they could upgrade Disney’s terminal. Port Canaveral’s CEO, John Murray, also expected that Disney would home-port one of its new ships, and according to Orlando Sentinel, that will indeed happen.
  • Disney will home port three ships at Canaveral. Currently, they port vessels at Terminal 8 as well as share space at the larger Terminal 10 with Norwegian Cruise Lines.
  • Along with Disney’s new ships coming to Canaveral, Carnival Cruise Lines is also planning to bring a new ship to the Port. Both Disney and Carnival will debut ships that run on liquefied natural gas, a cleaner burning fuel than what’s currently used. The Sentinel reports, “international maritime law for air emission standards is pushing cruise lines to make the switch, which is pushing North American ports to make adjustments ahead of their debut.”
  • The first vessel in Disney’s new fleet could debut as early as November 2021.

What they’re saying:

  • John Murray, Port Canaveral CEO: “What’s going to impact Port Canaveral in the near term, you’ve got Carnival will have the first ship immediately followed a year later by Disney immediately followed a year later by another Disney ship. Disney’s got a total of three. We don’t know if we’ll have two or three, but they’re coming to Port Canaveral.”
  • John Murray regarding new fueling standards: “When Disney comes in with their assets and when we have multiple vessels fueling at the same time, we’re going to have to grow into a different type of operation. We don’t know what that is right now, but we’re looking at all the options. We as facilitators are trying to guide the cruise lines in a direction that makes the most sense for Port Canaveral.”
  • John Murray on Terminal 8: “Their terminal hasn’t had a significant upgrade since 1998. It’s the smallest terminal although the most efficient terminal because of the way they operate it in Port Canaveral. But with the newer ships, there’s a desire to refresh the facility and bring it up to the current standards.”
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