Over the weekend, former President Barack Obama spoke to voters in southern California. As part of his opening speech, Obama shared about a visit he took to the “happiest place on Earth” during his college years.

Barak Obama Disneyland

Market Watch; REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

  • This past weekend, former President Barack Obama spoke at a rally in California and told the audience about a time he was kicked out of Disneyland for breaking the Park rules.
  • Market Watch reported on the speech that mentioned Obama and his friends decided to enjoy a smoke while taking a ride on the gondolas. “These were cigarettes, people,” he told the crowd.
  • Obama and his friends were approached by security guards and escorted out of the Park. “This is a true story, everybody. I was booted from the Magic Kingdom.”
  • He was in good spirits sharing the story and went to mention that Disney security told him he could come back at any time. And he most certainly has.

What they’re saying:

It didn’t take long for current CEO Bob Iger to comment via Twitter:

He wasn’t the only one either. Former CEO Michael Eisner also responded to Obama’s speech:



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