Earlier today some guests hung a large banner on Main Street U.S.A. in support of President Trump being re-elected for the 2020 presidential term.

Trump Banner

What’s happening:

  • This afternoon some guests visiting Magic Kingdom brought a banner with them supporting President Trump.
  • They hung the Trump banner at the Train Station on Main Street facing the castle.
  • Dion Cini shared a Live Video on his Facebook showing him and an unknown person preparing to, actually putting up, and being told to remove the banner. Cini continues to video himself as he tries to avoid security (UPDATE: The video has once again been removed. A reupload can also be found here.)

Screenshot from the live stream

  • Some witnesses took pictures and posted the images on Twitter and Instagram.
  • The banner supports the re-election of the current president for the 2020 term and has the tagline “Keep America Great.”
  • No word on whether or not Cini was caught, if he’s been removed from the park or—as some suggest—received a lifetime ban.
  • Disney has not made any statements about the display at this time.

Images of the Trump banner: