In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Disney and Tim Burton’s animated classic, TokyoPop has released “The Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero’s Journey” graphic novel.

  • “The Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero’s Journey” was introduced on Free Comic Book Day with a prequel comic counted as issue #0 in the 20 issue comic series.
  • The story is set in the world of Disney and Tim Burton’s animated classic.
  • The new graphic novel was released nationwide today.
  • A variant cover will be available at FYE.
  • The graphic novel collects issues #0 through #4 of the single issue comics, and includes a cover art gallery, rough sketches and character and location concept art.
  • A panel for the new graphic novel will be held at New York Comic Con on Thursday, October 4, giving fans a look behind the scenes of the making of the comic series with the creative team followed by a graphic novel giveaway and screening of the original movie.

The Story:

  • Jack Skellington is the undisputed Pumpkin King of Halloween Town and creative genius behind the most spook-tacular scares. Beside him through every great new creepy concept is his ever-faithful ghost pup, Zero. But panic descends on Halloween Town when a clumsy mistake leads to Zero going missing! Finding himself lost in a curious land of baked goods, hand-wrapped presents, decorated trees and joyful caroling, Zero must traverse the unfamiliar world of Christmas Town to find his way home! And with Halloween plans on hold while Jack mounts a search, will they be reunited in time to save both holidays?!

What they’re saying:

  • Writer D.J. Milky: “This particular project was a very special one since it started from 100% admiration, respect and enjoyment of the source material. I’ve been a fan of THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS (and Tim Burton in general) for many years, so when the opportunity arose through TokyoPops Disney Manga publishing program, I jumped on it.”

For more information on TokyoPop and the new “The Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero’s Journey” graphic novel, visit TokyoPop’s official website.