Universal Studios Hollywood has teamed up with Grammy award-winning and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame guitarist SLASH to create an original score for the Universal Monsters maze at this year’s Halloween Horror Nights, and now that score is available on Spotify.

  • The Universal Monsters Maze Soundtrack consists of seven original tracks, including:
    •  “We Belong Dead” – inspired by Frankenstein Monster’s immortal line from the explosive finale of The Bride of Frankenstein, this track fuses Gothic themes with a contemporary EDM/Dubstep feel to set the tone for the horrific experience to come.

    • “The Danse of the Dead” – inspired by “Danse Macabre,” the late medieval art movement that celebrated “the universality of death” and influenced the famous masquerade ball scene from The Phantom of the Opera, this track sets the stage for the Monster’s Masquerade sequence in the maze.
    • “The Final Scare” – this guitar-driven, up-tempo track combines an old school Punk Rock feel with modern electronic sounds to drive the adrenaline-fueled finale of the maze, where multiple monsters attack.

    • “Universal Monsters Rising” – SLASH’s signature lead guitar joins with the mournful sound of a tolling church and the sharp, staccato stabs of violins to call guests to the graveyard, where the Universal Monsters are waiting to rise again.

    • “The Collection Room/Dracula’s Lair” – composed to accompany The Mummy and Dracula sections of the maze, this track transitions between Middle Eastern and Eastern European instrumentation to help bring to life these two Classic Monsters.

    • “Monsters, Maniacs and Madmen (Universal Monsters Maze Medley)” – this compilation track, encompassing several scenes within the maze, takes a single haunting melody and transforms it throughout the arrangement, handing off from piano to guitar, violin, pipe organ and even the synthesized/sampled Opera singer’s voice to create a series of sinister moods.

    • “Sweet Licks (music from “Clowns 3D”) – composed for 2014’s “Clowns 3D” maze, “Halloween Horror Night’s” first collaboration with SLASH, this track creates a creepy carnival vibe to help tell the story of a diabolical family of clowns who run a twisted ice cream factory.

  • You can listen to the whole original score on Spotify.
  • The Universal Monsters Maze will bring together some of the most terrifying monsters from the studio’s classic films such as Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, the Wolfman and more.
  • Halloween Horror Nights runs through November 3. You can pick up your tickets here.

What they’re saying:

  • SLASH: “As a fan of horror movies and of ‘Halloween Horror Nights,’ I jumped at the chance to once again collaborate with Universal Studios Hollywood to produce what might be interpreted as a soundtrack for the maze. Similar to the way music affects a film, I wanted to compose a score for the legions of infamous characters featured in the maze to elicit a greater sense of terror for the guests. In the end, the goal is to ultimately make the guests feel as if they are playing an integral role in a classic Monster movie.”
  • John Murdy, Creative Director at Universal Studios Hollywood and Executive Producer of “Halloween Horror Nights”: “This maze is the ultimate melding of two of history’s greatest icons – classic monsters and the top guitar player of all time. SLASH’s intuitive understanding of the characters’ struggles brings enormous depth to the maze to epitomize a living-movie experience for our guests.”
  • John Murdy: “This is the second time we’ve had the great fortune to collaborate with SLASH on a ‘Halloween Horror Nights’ maze, and it is a distinct honor to bring his expertise to the event where guests can enjoy a truly exclusive opportunity.”