When Vanellope von Schweetz glitches her way into the Disney Princesses dressing room in Ralph Breaks the Internet, she comes across our favorite princesses doing their royal thing. However, as we can see from the trailers, Vanellope has a bit of wisdom to impart to the fancy females. The girls learn to “let it go” and in turn gain a new, relaxing outlook on life royal life. And because fans can’t get enough of the princesses in their loungewear, Funko and Rock Candy are releasing colorful collectables of the casual princesses.

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Rock Candy Vinyl Figures

What’s happening:

  • The Disney princesses are crashing Ralph and Vanellope’s adventures!
  • A new collection of vinyl figures from Funko and Rock Candy featuring the Disney Princesses is available now for pre-order.
  • This collection showcases seven Disney Princesses in their casual outfits from Ralph Breaks the Internet.
  • The Rock Candy series includes:
    • Mulan –  casual but daring in her jeans and jacket with a sword draped casually over her shoulder.
    • Moana – ready for an adventure in shorts and a shirt.
    • Jasmine – equipped with a magic lamp and she isn’t afraid to use it.
    • Belle – face in a book, as per usual.
    • Ariel – singing to her heart’s content.
    • Rapunzel – can’t contain her long hair beneath a hoodie despite her best efforts.
    • Tiana – taking a break from running Tiana’s Palace for an adventure with Prince Naveen.
  • Rock Candy Speciality Series exclusive:
    • Snow White – an apple in hand…hopefully not poisoned!








Snow White