Hasbro Reveals Marvel and Star Wars Figures at Lucca Comics & Games 2018

Hasbro is back with an reveal of their Marvel and Star Wars figures. Coming in spring and fall of 2019, fans will be able to grow their collections with the addition of these fantastic characters.

Star Wars Figures

What’s happening:

  • Lucca Comics & Games 2018 expo in Lucca, Italy kicked off today with a special figure reveal during the Hasbro panel.
  • Hasbro has announced four new figures will be joining the Marvel and Star Wars line of collectables in 2019.
  • The detailed figures will be available for purchase in spring and fall and will feature the following characters:
    • Marvel:
      • Spider-Man
      • Puma
    • Star Wars:
      • Mace Windu
      • Poe Dameron

Marvel Legends

  • Marvel Legends Series 6-inch Six Arm Spider-Man Figure (Spider-Man wave)
  • (Available: Spring 2019)

  • Marvel Legends Series 6-inch Puma Figure (Spider-Man wave)
  • (Available: Spring 2019)

Star Wars

  • Star Wars: The Black Series 6-inch Mace Windu Figure
  • (Available: Spring 2019)


  • Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Poe Dameron Figure
  • (Available: Fall 2019)

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