According to a report by Variety, AT&T maybe be looking to sell its 10% stake in Hulu — which is also owned by Disney, Comcast, and 21st Century Fox.

  • At an investors briefing yesterday, AT&T executives reportedly mentioned that they were considering offloading the 10% share of Hulu currently owned by WarnerMedia.
  • That 10% stake could be worth as much as $930 million.
  • This potential news comes as The Walt Disney Company moves closer to completing its acquisition of many 21st Century Fox assets, including its 30% ownership in Hulu.
  • If all goes to plan, Disney will come away from the Fox deal with 60% ownership while Comcast retains 30% and WarnerMedia’s aforementioned 10%.
  • It’s been rumored that Disney will attempt to gain greater control of Hulu.
  • In fact, Disney CEO Bob Iger has suggested that Hulu could become a hub for more adult fare while Disney+ will house the company’s family-friendly content.
  • Iger has also discussed the possibility of expanding the Hulu brand internationally.
  • Despite the potential of Disney owning a controlling share, Comcast has reportedly expressed interest in remaining a part of Hulu.
  • Of course, Disney and Comcast have experienced a few dust-ups in recent months, first engaging in a mini bidding war for Fox followed by a more intense bidding war for Sky in the U.K.
  • While Disney came out on top to win the Fox prize, it was Comcast that emerged victorious in its bid for Sky.
  • P.S. — for more on what programming Hulu has to offer, check out our Disney Streaming Services page.


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