Disney’s Online Digital Library, Disney Story Central “Sunsetting” in February

Disney’s online cross-platform digital library, Disney Story Central will be shutting down at the end of February.

What’s happening:

  • Disney Story Central—designed for kids and families by Disney Publishing Worldwide—will no longer be available after February 28.
  • Disney shared the news via the Disney Story Central website with the following message:
    • “We regret to inform you that Disney Story Central is sunsetting and will no longer be a supported application after 02/28/2019. Please be advised of the following information:
      • 01/31/2019: In App purchases will no longer be available
      • 01/31/2019: Auto-renew for current subscribers will end
      • 01/31/2019: The application Disney Story Central will no longer be available for download
      • 02/28/2019: Disney Story Central will no longer be a supported application or connect to the internet
      • 03/01/2019: disneystorycentral.com will no longer be accessible
    • Users should ensure they spend any remaining tokens and download any PURCHASED content to their device prior to 02/28/2019.”
  • Subscribers on a longer term auto-renewing subscription plan (with an end date after 02/28/2019) can visit the section “How Do I Receive a Refund for My Disney Story Central Subscription?” in the “Subscription” section of “Help and Guest Services” or reach out to customer support.
  • Books accessed as a subscriber can NOT be retained on a device beyond 02/28/2019.
  • Books accessed through tokens and marked with a “Disney D” MAY be retained on a device beyond 02/28/2019 although the duration that they remain accessible is unknown and dependent on how long the application remains compatible with the operating system of a device.

Good to know:

  • Subscriptions will no longer auto-renew after 01/31/2019. Once auto-renew has been turned off, access to Disney Story Central will naturally end at the conclusion of its purchased duration.
  • Disney notes that it is possible for some ebook content to still be accessible beyond the application’s closing date, however there is no guarantee.
  • Access purchased content beyond 02/28/2019 is dependent on content being downloaded on personal devices and the application remaining compatible with the device’s operating system.
  • With Disney Story Central no longer being supported after 02/28/2019, the duration the application may remain compatible with the operating system of a device is unknown.
  • Users can still download content through 02/28/2019. Disney recommends that users open content to ensure a proper download has occurred.
  • They also recommend that users avoid “Logging Out” of their Disney Story Central account prior to the closure date to ensure content remains accessible.
  • Disney will be unable to refund or credit virtual goods, tokens, starter packs, books, or other items purchased by or provided to users.
  • For those who have any questions, Disney asks they please reach out to customer support.
  • Subscribers who own tokens, are encouraged to cancel their subscription as soon as possible in order to redeem tokens prior to 2/28/2019.