According to reports, Hulu Original, The First will not be getting a second season. The Sean Penn-led drama has been grounded following lukewarm reviews.

What’s happening:

  • TV Line has reported that Hulu is canceling it’s sci-fi drama series The First after one season.
  • The show launched in mid 2018 with an eight-episode run about a group of astronauts attempting to become the first humans to set foot on Mars.
  • All eight episodes are currently available to stream on Hulu.

About The First:

  • Set just over a decade into the future, science and technology have advanced and are now at the point where humans are ready to go farther than they have before. The First begins on launch day for aerospace company Vista as they prepare to send five astronauts on a two-year mission to Mars; chronicling the choices and sacrifices that families and crew members make to be part of history.

The show starred:

  • Sean Penn
  • Natascha McElhone
  • Anna Jacoby-Heron
  • Melissa George
  • LisaGay Hamilton
  • Hannah Ware
  • Keiko Agena
  • James Ransone



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