Disneyland’s Space Mountain attraction has reportedly been closed since Tuesday afternoon following an incident where a guest climbed out of the ride vehicle while it was in motion.

Update (2/1/2019):

  • The Orange County Register is reporting that Space Mountain has been reopened to guests.
  • The Amusement Ride and Tramway division of the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration has finished their on-site inspection according to Luke Brown, a spokesman for Cal/OSHA.
  • Officials performing the investigation of Disneyland’s Space Mountain have cleared the park to reopen the attraction.
  • According to Disneyland officials, the indoor roller coaster reopened to theme park visitors on Friday morning.


  • According to the Orange County Register, a Southern California man in his 20s managed to climb out of a Space Mountain roller coaster car as it was moving.  
  • The incident took place on Tuesday afternoon and the ride remains shut down.
  • Official reports say that the guest was guided to safety by employees.
  • The man was not injured and walked himself to a Disneyland first aid station, He was later taken to the hospital for a precautionary examination.
  • Anaheim police responded to a medical aid call at the park, where initial reports suggested that the man had fallen out of the ride. However, that was not the case and Anaheim police Sgt. Daron Wyatt was quoted saying, “He didn’t fall out. He had to maneuver himself around the safety mechanism.”
  • The man, who has cognitive disabilities, climbed out of the moving train in the dark during a slower portion of the ride as the coaster was making its initial climb, Wyatt said.
  • When the attraction operators noticed that he was no longer on the ride, they stopped the coaster and located him.
  • OC Register also reports, Anaheim police did not have the man’s name or age since there was no injury and no police report was filed.
  • Disneyland officials reportedly contacted the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health immediately following the incident.
  • The state agency is currently inspecting Space Mountain.
  • Disneyland officials said the ride vehicle’s lap bar restraint remained engaged and that the man “used force to maneuver his way out of the vehicle.”
  • OC Register notes that this story is currently in development.