Q*Bert Ventures into the Internet in Deleted Scene from “Ralph Breaks the Internet”

It’s been a few months since Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz wandered into the internet in Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet. Today, USA Today has shared a look at a deleted scene from the film, in which Q*Bert gets sucked into the internet first.

  • The scene shows video game icon Q*Bert getting sucked into cyberspace.
  • Ralph, Vanellope, Felix, Calhoun and others argue over whether or not to go rescue him before he reappears, disheveled.
  • After Vanellope asks Q*Bert what he saw in the internet, Felix translates the Q*Berteese for the group to reveal that was simply saying “everything.”
  • Q*Bert, who appeared in the first Wreck-it Ralph in 2012, made his video game debut in 1982 in the form of his self-titled arcade game.
  • Ralph Breaks the Internet will be available on digital February 12 and Blu-ray February 26.

What they’re saying:

  • Director and co-writer Phil Johnston on why the scene didn’t make the cut: “As much as we wanted to see a shell-shocked Q*bert with the thousand-yard stare of a hardened combat veteran, we needed to get Ralph and Vanellope into the Internet more quickly."

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