YDX and Disney Brazil Sign Exclusive Agreement For Mickey Mouse VR Experience

YDX and The Walt Disney Company Brazil have signed an agreement to create exclusive content for Arkave VR. The new VR experience will feature the global icon, Mickey Mouse.


What’s happening:

  • YDX Innovation Corp, a designer and developer of augmented and virtual reality experiences, interactive solutions and sports events and The Walt Disney Company Brazil have signed an agreement to create exclusive content for Arkave VR.
  • Arkave VR Arena was created by YDX Innovation Corp. to be a premium Virtual Reality option for thousands of Family Entertainment Centers (FECs) that are looking for an affordable and highly immersive Virtual Reality solution.
  • It’s a free roam, multiplayer platform and easy to operate since it does not require a VR backpack.
  • The company’s objective is to create a new VR experience using Disney’s iconic IP – Mickey Mouse.
  • The first game will be co-created by Disney and Arkave in Brazil and will bring Mickey Mouse to Arkave VR.
  • The agreement entails that the Arkave Arena featuring the Disney VR game can be taken initially to different cities within the Brazilian territory.
  • Potential venues include:
    • Shopping Malls
    • Entertainment Centers
    • Events
    • Movie Theaters

What they’re saying:

  • Daniel Japiassu – CEO of YDX Innovation: “As we expand the network of Arkave VR Arenas, its crucial to develop new games with characters that our users can recognize. Mickey Mouse is an iconic figure and Disney is a leader in the entertainment industry. Our goal in licensing content for the next generation of games is to accelerate the brand recognition of Arkave VR and increase the interest from operators to bring our Arena to their locations.”
  • Francisco Chaves – Head of Arkave VR: “YDX looks forward to working with Disney and developing a new Arkave VR experience featuring Mickey and Friends. We are thrilled that with the potential of creating a high-quality VR solution that is very scalable, with an attractive cost and easy setup. We hope to expand the relationship and bring the content worldwide.”
  • Juliana Oliveira – Director of Strategy & New Business for TWDC-Brazil: “Disney is excited to be able to keep bringing the magic of Disney’s beloved characters to Brazilian families, while building a direct relationship with those consumers, through this new immersive VR experience.” About YDX Innovation

About YDX:

  • YDX Innovation Corp. is a technology company that develops products and services and is an expert in immersive technologies like:
    • Augmented and Virtual Reality
    • eSports events
    • Interactive Exhibitions
  • Currently three divisions are part of the YDX Family:
    • Arkave VR Arena – a gaming platform that brings the most immersive Virtual Reality experience to Location Based venues with a highly scalable business model.
    • Arkave VR has a flagship store in Brazil, two Arenas in the United States, a flagship store being built in Canada and is being sold through a network of distributors that will focus on the thousands of Family Entertainment Centre’s throughout North America, in constant search for innovative attractions.
    • YDreams Global – have developed over 1,300 interactive experiences for clients all over the world such as:
      • Disney
      • NBA
      • Adidas
      • Cisco
      • Nokia
      • Nike
      • Mercedes Benz
      • Coca-Cola
      • Santander
      • AmBev
      • Qualcomm
      • Unilever
      • City of Rio
      • Fiat