The beloved lullaby, “Baby Mine,” from Disney’s animated classic, Dumbo has received a update to go along with the 2019 live-action film. This time, artist Arcade Fire, has put their spin on the sweet song while keeping true to the heart of the original.

What’s happening:

  • Disney has released a new clip from the upcoming live-action Dumbo featuring the lullaby “Baby Mine” performed by Arcade Fire.
  • Written for the beautiful moment between Dumbo and his mother in the 1941 animated film, “Baby Mine” featured music by composer Frank Churchill and lyrics by Ned Washington.
  • “Baby Mine” was nominated for an Oscar for best original song.
  • Sharon Rooney, who portrays Miss Atlantis in the new Dumbo, performs “Baby Mine” in the film.
  • According to Mitchell Leib, president, music & soundtracks for Walt Disney Studios, he and the filmmakers wanted to create a version of “Baby Mine” for the end of Tim Burton’s live-action reimagining that was as artistic and interesting as the film itself.

What they’re saying:

  • Mitchell Leib on the project: “Not an easy ambition to accomplish. Arcade Fire is an artist I’d pursued over the years—but this time I had Tim Burton! I pitched the idea to Tim and his producer Derek Frey, and it turned out Arcade Fire is one of Tim’s all-time favorite artists. The rest is history.”
  • Leib on the end result: “A brilliant, new, interesting, artistic and very original version of ‘Baby Mine’ now resides at the end of our new live-action Dumbo.”    
  • Arcade Fire’s Win Butler on the personal connection with the animated film: “There is a scene with a locomotive in the original Dumbo that uses an instrument called the Sonovox that my grandpa Alvino Rey made famous in the 1930s. Every time I saw the film I thought it was him. When we were asked to do the [end credit version of ‘Baby Mine’], I immediately got all of my grandfather’s old guitars and wanted to play them in the song. My mom plays the harp on the track, my brother the theremin, my wife [Régine Chassagne] sings and plays drums, and our son even plays the triangle, as well as the rest of our ‘family’ in Arcade Fire. I will forever relate to the song thinking about the people I hold so dear that are ‘so precious to me.’ Listen for the cameo of my grandpa Alvino’s famous Sonovox at the end.”
  • Arcade Fire’s Régine Chassagne: “It’s a story we need to tell again. A lot has changed since 1941, and we are still on that quest to allow for all people to accept and celebrate who they are on this planet.”

Experience it for yourself:

  • The digital version of the Dumbo original motion picture soundtrack will be available from Walt Disney Records on March 29, and the physical CD is set for release on April 5.
  • Directed by Tim Burton and featuring a score by composer Danny Elfman, Dumbo flies into theaters March 29, 2019.