What’s happening:

  • Marathon Investigation shared an article about bib theft at the 2019 runDisney Princess Half-Marathon weekend.
  • According to the article, a family of four turned themselves in when they realized they were running with a stolen and copied bib.
  • Derek Murphy of Marathon Investigation reports that the family had turned to MarathonGuide to purchase bibs when they were no longer available on the runDisney website.
From MarathonInvestigation.com

From MarathonInvestigation.com

From MarathonInvestigation.com

From MarathonInvestigation.com

  • The seller on MarathonGuide sold the family seven bibs in total–about $1400 worth of race bibs–for $775. The family believed they were running with transferred bib and didn’t initially think they were stolen.  
  • Murphy contacted the mother (who was identified through race photos) as the story was developing and she told him she was suspicious of the bibs right away. She told Murphy that one bib had a name on it, but the other bibs didn’t, and were also missing timing chips.
  • Murphy writes that the mother realized the bibs were stolen when she saw Facebook post from the rightful owner. Following this, they decided to turn themselves in.
  • Murphy also reached out the seller via MarathonGuide and was slightly surprised that he emailed back.

Murphy’s Exchange with “Dave” from MarathonGuide.com:

Murphy: Hello Dave, I am emailing in the hope that you can tell me how you obtained the bibs that you were attempting to sell for Princess Weekend.

Dave: I don’t feel that is any concern of yours!!!

Murphy: It is alleged that you sold two stolen bibs as well as some forged bibs. I am giving you an opportunity to refute those allegations.

Dave: How did you get this information? Those people get what they paid for! And I’m tired of run disney taking advantage.  Stop emailing me

Murphy: No they didn’t. They did not run today. Run Disney was going to pull them from the corrals. The original owner posted that her bib was stolen.

Dave: If people are not buying directly from disney then that’s the risk they take! I don’t feel bad for anyone. Those bibs were not being used anyway!

Murphy: He asked which bibs I was referring to: I then asked how many bibs did he sell?

Dave: I don’t keep count!

The takeaway:

  • This is hardly the first time someone has run with stolen bibs during a runDisney race weekend.
  • Back in 2017, a woman was detained after at the completion of a half marathon under suspicion of theft, and ironically improper use of a handicap placard.
  • Guests should only purchase bibs through runDisney. It’s safe and it’s official.