California Highway Patrol has recovered $13,000 in stolen Disney merchandise. A driver operating a vehicle with a suspended license was pulled over for a routine stop, then it was discovered that person was transporting stolen Disney goods among other things.

What’s happening:

  • $13,000 worth of stolen Disney merchandise has been recovered according to The Orange County Register.
  • The incident took place on Friday, March 8th in the Kern County city of Rosamond.
  • In a post on the California Highway Patrol Facebook, the it was stated that merchandise was recovered when an officer pulled a driver over for a routine stop.
  • The driver operating a Nissan Sentra failed to stop as they approached a parked bus with its lights flashing and its stop sign displayed.

  • When CHP ran the license they learned that it had been suspended. The officer then found the stolen Disney merchandise and “other illegal paraphernalia.”
  • The driver’s name has not been publicly disclosed.
  • The driver was booked into Kern County jail.
  • Following the arrest, CHP contacted Disneyland security and made arrangements to return the property.
  • The Register notes that at this point it’s not clear where the merchandise came. Additionally, they don’t know if was take over time or all at once.
  • A Disney spokeswoman was researching the details.

What they’re saying:

  • CHP Facebook Post: “Disneyland can now return to being the happiest place on Earth. Well, maybe second happiest, because the CHP Academy is the happiest place on Earth!”


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