Actress, host, and Disney Legend, Whoopi Goldberg surprised the audience and her fellow hosts when she briefly appeared on today’s episode of The View. Goldberg has been absent from her hosting duties since contracting a severe case of pneumonia that led to a three week stay in the hospital.

What’s happening:

  • She’s back! Well almost. Whoopi Goldberg returned to The View today for a surprise visit with her co hosts and to share how she’s doing after a medical scare.
  • Goldberg has been away from The View for after contracting pneumonia in both lungs and sepsis.
  • Goldberg says she had a cough that began in November and it wasn’t until a few weeks later that she went to the hospital.
  • Her case was so severe, she was kept in the hospital for three weeks. Her doctor even informed her that she almost died.
  • Fortunately she’s alive and well and is expected to slowly make her back to the show.
  • She told the audience and co hosts she plans to be back for Monday’s show (March 18).

Whoopi surprises The View:

Whoopi shares about her experience with pneumonia:

Whoopi health update:

  • Last week, Goldberg taped a video about her recovery process to share with viewers:


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