Jake Kasdan and Melvin Mar have reportedly signed a multi-year deal to remain at 20th Century Fox Television where the duo will develop and produce new content for several of the network’s platforms.

What’s happening:

  • Deadline is reporting that director and producer Jake Kasdan and producer Melvin Mar have agreed to an overall four-year production deal with 20th Century Fox Television.
  • Kasdan and Mar will develop and produce new content for Fox network, cable, and streaming platforms through their company The Detective Agency. Additionally, Kasdan will contribute as director for these projects.
  • The duo have been with Fox since 2012 following the success of the sitcom New Girl. In fact, Kasdan directed the show’s pilot episode and served as EP for the comedy’s entire series.
  • Kasdan and Mar currently serve as executive producers on ABC shows:

In the works:

  • The production team is working on a drama pilot, Heart of Life, as well as a sequel to the Kasdan-directed Jumanji (2017).

What they’re saying:

  • 20th Century Fox TV president of Creative Affairs Jonnie Davis: “Jake and Melvin have been a dream team to this studio for years, and keeping them here was a huge priority for Howard [Kurtzman] and me. They are smart, wildly talented guys with spectacular taste and incredible creative instincts. They love big swings and they elevate everything. They are also fun and collaborative creative partners-everyone wants to work with them. We wish we could clone them, but the fact is they are both so prolific we don’t need to.”
  • Kasdan and Mar on 20th TV: “A fantastic and supportive place to work.”