Stroller Size Limits and Stroller Wagon Ban Come to Disneyland and Disney World

Beginning May 1, Disneyland and Walt Disney World are adjusting their stroller policy.

  • Strollers may be no larger than 31″ (79cm) wide and 52″ (132cm) long or smaller.
  • While wagons are not allowed in the parks, Disney is clarifying the policy to also ban stroller wagons
  • While Walt Disney World already rents double strollers, Disneyland will begin renting them as well to accommodate guests whose strollers don’t meet these guidelines
  • The good news – many of the strollers on the market, including many double jogging strollers, fit within these size guidelines. Also, just a reminder that wagons are not permitted in our parks. Beginning May 1, stroller wagons will also no longer be permitted. These updates are designed to help guest flow and ease congestion, making the parks more enjoyable for everyone.

Other Stroller Information:

  • Strollers are available for $15 per day
  • At Walt Disney World, guests can pay $13 per day if purchased for multiple days
  • Double strollers are $31 per day or $27 per day for multiple days at Walt Disney World
  • Walt Disney World also recommends the following stroller providers:

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Other Disney Parks Policy Changes

  • Today, Disney also announced that smoking locations are being removed from Disneyland and Walt Disney World theme parks on May 1st.
  • Additionally, effective immediately, dry ice and loose ice will no longer be permitted.