Hasbro Releasing Monopoly: The Lion King Edition in Honor of Film’s 25th Anniversary

Now anyone can become king of Pride Rock with Hasbro’s Monopoly: The Lion King Edition! Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the iconic animated feature, Hasbro is giving a Disney spin to the classic board game.

What’s happening:

  • In just a few days, fans can bring home a classic game with a Disney twist.
  • Hasbro is releasing Monopoly: The Lion King Edition in honor of the animated film’s 25th anniversary and the upcoming live-action release.
  • In this new edition of the game, players can celebrate Simba’s journey to become king with a game board and artwork from the Disney’s original The Lion King motion picture.
  • Monopoly: The Lion King Edition will be available at Walmart on April 22 for $39.99.
  • The game will also be available at mass retailers in June.

Unique game highlights:

  • The Title Deed cards are made up of unforgettable moments and locations from The Lion King such as:
    • “Pride Rock”
    • “The Circle of Life”
    • “Hyena’s Lair”
    • And more!
  • “Destiny cards” replace Chance cards and Community Chest cards in this version of the Monopoly game, and are inspired by movie.
  • The game comes with a “Pride Rock” card holder that holds the Destiny Cards and plays the classic Nant’s Ingonyama” from the opening of the film.
  • The Monopoly: Lion King Edition game comes with 6 tokens allowing fans of The Lion King to play as:
    • Simba
    • Mufassa
    • Nala
    • Scar
    • Pumbaa
    • Timon


Disney’s live-action version of The Lion King will roar into theatres July 19, 2019.