Texas Children’s Hospital is among the one of the many children’s hospitals around the world to receive a little bit of magic from The Walt Disney Company. Last year, Disney announced $100 million commitment of company resources to children and families at children’s hospitals around the globe as part of the Team of Heroes initiative.

What’s happening: 

  • Just this week, Texas Children’s Hospital (TCH) in Houston debuted several new offerings thanks to Walt Disney Company’s Team of Heroes.
  • Leaders from Disney and TCH unveiled a suite of experiences, murals and interactive art aimed at providing comfort and inspiration for children and families.
  • TCH is just one of many hospitals around the world to benefit from Disney’s Team of Heroes initiative.
  • Thanks to Team of Heroes, TCH now has touches of Disney magic to share with their young patients and their families.
  • Some of the new special offerings include:
    • Magic Windows
    • Colorful Murals
    • Interactive features accessible through the Disney WOW app
    • Disney products and care packages
    • Virtual Reality experiences
    • And More

Reimagining the patient journey:

  • To reimagine the patient journey, Disney consulted a Panel of Experts that included:
    • Physicians
    • Caregivers
    • Child life specialists
  • The panel stated that the Company could make the greatest impact by focusing on moments of highest anxiety for children and families in hospitals.
  • Teams from every line of business across The Walt Disney Company came together to deliver solutions that are simple for hospitals to implement, sustain and scale.
  • Concepts unveiled at TCH are designed by many of Disney’s:
    • Creative and technology experts
    • Storytelling and experience experts
    • World-renowned Imagineers
  • The goal was to bring a little bit of Disney magic to families during a challenging and uncertain time.

Disney Magic at Texas Children’s Hospital:

  • The teams at Disney took a holistic approach to the program, which encompasses a range of experiences.
  • In TCH’s public spaces, Imagineers unveiled:
    • Magic Windows
    • Magic Portals
    • Breathtaking murals that come to live via the Disney WOW app on mobile devices.

Magic for patients:

  • A child can literally wear their favorite character, thanks to themed hospital gowns that feature costume style designs from Disney, Marvel and Star Wars.
  • Newly designed wristbands, help staff recognize the favorite character of a child and also serve as symbolic “tickets” to special experiences and spaces throughout the hospital.
  • Patients select their wristband and their chosen character remains with them throughout their hospital journey via personal experiences that include:
    • Care packages
    • Magic Art – fun, animated, inspirational messages
  • An array of colorful Disney-themed products featuring characters patients know and love are intended to make hospital rooms feel more like home and a patient’s stay more comfortable.
  • Care packages come filled with toys, games, books and activities that entertain patients; while an array of themed room décor items—from tray liners to cups—also helps to bring color and familiarity to the patient’s room and brighten his or her stay.
  • A virtual reality headset, designed in partnership with Starlight Children’s Foundation specifically for children’s hospitals, immerses patients in a new realm of fantastic experiences that they can explore from their own hospital beds.
  • Mobile Movie Theater makes it possible for patients to view favorite movies with family and friends in various gathering spaces throughout the hospital.

Magic for staff: 

  • Disney has also created opportunities for hospital staff to connect with the program while forging deeper connections with their patients.
  • Themed Staff Badges—each representing a favorite Disney character of the staff member who wears it—activate special and engaging moments for patients and family to enjoy throughout the hospital.
  • Additionally, hospital leaders and staff will receive specialized training provided by Disney Institute to help them deliver an exceptional level of care, compassion, comfort and connection—along with a little Disney magic.

To the future!:

  • The TCH pilot will enable the Disney teams to learn more, adapt and continue to strengthen the initiative overall for the benefit of patients, families and hospital staff.
  • Additional concepts will be added over time including:
    • Comfort Corridor — incorporates artwork and music to provide comfort and distraction for patients and families prior to surgery.
    • Story-themed Playspaces — where anyone can play, interact and make new friends.
  • As the program rolls out in additional hospitals in the U.S. and around the globe, teams at Disney will continue to collaborate with experts to measure the impact of the work and ensure the Company is delivering on its commitment to ease the stress of a hospital stay in ways only Disney can.

What they’re saying:

  • Elissa Margolis, senior vice president, Enterprise Social Responsibility: “As the name ‘Team of Heroes’ implies, at Disney we know that if you want something to be timeless and touch the hearts of millions, it requires a talented team to bring it all to life. That is why we are so fortunate to have Texas Children’s Hospital and our advisory board help guide on this effort. We could not have done this without all the guidance, partnership and collaboration from doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, child life specialists, creative teams, tech leaders and also, importantly, parents.”
  • Dr. Larry Hollier, surgeon-in-chief, Texas Children’s Hospital: “The magic and joy we have all experienced at a Disney park is now apparent as you walk throughout our hospital, and I am looking forward to seeing how this special partnership enhances the patient and family experience at Texas Children’s.”









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